On the 9th July 2011, I attended the Cloth Diapers Awareness Event
at Sabah State Library Headquarters..This event was proposed by KKM (KK Mommies Group)..

Tho’ not so many participants in this 1st time event, but i think this event is a very good activity, specially to mommies out there yang belum pernah dengar/tahu/guna CLOTH DIAPERS (CD)..

So many information we got from this CD talk..and besides ceramah2, there are some relaxing activities oso, such as lucky draw, Q&A, Chit-chatting during tea break and he most ‘important’ and enjoyable moments is CD SHOPPING!!! hehe 🙂

Topics presented in this event are :

1. What are Cloth Diapers? Presented by Bonnie W 
2. The various types of Cloth Diapers. Presented by Bonnie W
3. Benefits/advantages of Cloth Diapering. Presented by Joyce S
4. Financial considerations/ cost comparisons. Cloth vs Disposable Diapers Presented by Joyce S
5. How to care/wash Cloth Diapers. Presented by Miranda LK
6. Demo on how to use Cloth Diapers including putting in the inserts, how to use One Size (OS) Cloth Diapers. Presented by Bonnie W
7. Cloth Diapering while travelling. Presented by Miranda LK
8. Sending Cloth Diapers to Day Care Centre. Presented by Miranda LK

This event started at 8.30am and finished by noon..sekejap saja kan..kamirang pun tidak puas oo..But, never mind lah coz more and more event will come..:)
So, enjoy the pics yaa 🙂 

Above pic : some of the participants..Below pic : Tea-Break time


Bonnie Wong presenting “What Are Cloth Diapers & The Various Types Of Cloth Diapers”


Joyce Siambun presenting “Benefits/Advantages Of Cloth Diapering & Financial Consideration/Cost Comparison: Cloths Diapers vs. Disposable Diapers”


Miranda@Unda presenting “How To Care/Wash Cloth Diapers, Cloth Diapering While Travelling & Sending Cloth Diapers To Day Care Centre”


Left pic :Celine Daya& Joyce Tining conducting the lucky draw session..Middle pic :Rona Thien got something from MyCheekyBoo..Right pic: Michlle V.Yong with her lucky gift..


Michlle’s Corner..see her amazing handmade cloth diapers?? Fuhh..i oredy grab one of those hehe..
Gina’s Corner :The Happy Mum’s Corner..


Bonnie’s Corner : MyCheekyBoo..so cute2 la the CDs..sini pun i ada beli juga..
Others corner yg sia tidak sempat ambik gambar are Missah’s corner (BabyMyLuv) & also Dena’s corner (DeanaDesign)..
I’m so happy coz i have the chance to join this kind of activity..
Love, Nancy at 7/15/2011 08:55:00 PM