When hubby came home from work today, he gave me a small box…
I wonder what is inside the box???..
When I opened the box, I saw something cute and adorable inside it..
Guess what??
It’s a PEARL inside a pendant..
and it came with a necklace too.. 🙂
WOW!! I’m so happy..it’s a token of LOVE from hubby to his WIFE (saya laitu…hehehe)..
Thanks Darling..Love u muchhhhhh!!!
Actually this pearl was inside a clam and sealed in a can..and then we cut to open the clam and take out the pearl..after that put the pearl inside the pendant and it’s ready to wear with the necklace 🙂
Forming naturally, the Love Pearl is pure and premiere..It makes three or five years in the mother mussel, till its diameter reaches 6.5 – 7.5 mm..Among hundreds of mussel, only one can meet the severe standards of size, roundness, luster. 
Masih dalam itu kerang, kena korek baru letak dalam pendant..:)
Cantik kann..


Actually, the pearl have 5 colours…you ‘ll never know what colour your pearl is until you take it out from the clamp )..Each colour has their own meaning..
If the Pearl’s colour is
1.) WHITE, it indicates healthy bodies they will have
2.) CREAM, shows the union of the couple, and the happy life they will have
3.) PEACH, forecasts a romantic love they will get
4.) LAVENDER, means more wisdom they will have
5.) GOLD, represents a large fortune they can have 
And mine is CREAM 🙂
Love, Nancy at 9/22/2011 08:50:00 PM