Wahh!! Time is passing by so very very very fast!!
My baby is 6 months old ++ oredy…and that’s mean, she is ready for solid food sudah..haha..
But, i oredy started giving her solid food (for baby) since she’s 5 months old..
Ini kerana.. 
She always
1. Reaching for food on my plate / other’s plate
2. Looking hungrily at me..haha! (buat muka minta kesian ..mo minta makanan)
3. Opening her mouth wide to eat
4. Pick up food with thumb and finger
5. Can sit with support
6. Nangis2 bila nampak orang lain makan..huhu..kasian ooo.. 
So, i asked for advices from some friends, and they said maybe i should start giving her solid food..sooo…bah sia kasi makan la bah..haha..
And guess what?? she eats hungrily at the 1st time i feed her..haha!! syokk oo kasi makan baby..:)
After this sia mo rajin2 cari resepi baru utk my Gracie la ni.. 🙂
Mom-mom time 🙂
Tinguk tangan dia mo rebut tu mangkuk..haha!!..waaaa oromos kabang baby..
Love, Nancy at 9/07/2011 11:56:00 AM


Isabel said…
uish..besar da dia oo..sya 1 week b4 my son turned 6 months bru sya strt kasi makan..memang happy baby kna start kasi solid food. huhu

September 7, 2011 2:23 PM
Nancy said…
Isabel..sia mula2 kan mo tunggu 6 months old baru kasi solid food bah..tapi kesian sia bila dia nangis2 mo pi rebut makanan kami..huhu..sia kasi saja la time dia 5 mnths sudah hehe..

September 7, 2011 2:54 PM