I love cross-stitching 🙂
I’m not an expert in this activity, but i’m willing to try and learn..palan2 bah urang bilang..
So, i decided mo cuba bikin la satu, just to isi my masa lapang..
Harap2 jadi lah ni..
I just start this recently..baru last week..
and today, here apa yg sia baaaru dapat bikin..
coz buzy wih my baby lagi kan..have to find some time and space to do this activity 🙂
Harap2  sia boleh kasi complete the pattern..
I’m not going to tell you what pattern i’m stitching :)..I’ll let you guess la ya..
Nanti2 akan ada sambungan lagi nih…. if siap la haha..
So, this is what i’ve done  sebagai permulaan lah..
I use DMC Mouline Special 25


Can you guess what is this? 🙂 will tell you after i finish..


Wish me luck guys!!
Love, Nancy at 6/11/2011 01:56:00 PM