Yesterday, i received a box of my favourite chocolate from hubby..

I wonder, hmm..why he suddenly bought the chocolate?

‘HADIAH’ he said 🙂

Rupa-rupanya, today, 10 October,  is our Engagement Anniversary bah pulak hahahah!! (2nd Anniversary)

I totally lupa oo about that coz today is a busy day bah for me at school..Ada meeting panitia & kursus lagi..Lari2 lagi kasi siap jadual waktu anjal for SPM and after PMR punya..mana la teringat kan..Eseh..cover2 konon padahal telupa tarikh Engagement coz ingat Wedding Anniversary saja haha!!

Tiba2 i received SMS from hubby, “Happy Anniversary betunang daling” dia bilang hehe..

OOO…so the chocolate tu kira anniversary gift laitu ya..Tapi, i LIKE it VERY MUCH..mesti sedap kan..hehe..

Thanks Hubby..