A few days ago my SIL tagged me a link from Peaceful Parenting Blog,  about turning your bed (baby’s crib / baby cot) into a Co-sleeper..


This link gave me a very useful information since my baby’s crib  oso almost the same with the baby cribs  in that blog..So, my hubby and I decided to make a little ‘renovation’ in our bedroom.. we wanna make / turn our baby’s crib to a Co-sleeper just like  Dr. Momma suggest in her blog 🙂

So here come the result 🙂

We’re very grateful that we are now have more space in our room.. 🙂

I’m lovin’ it ^_^

Our bed before the 'renovation' :)..see, not so syok mata memandang 🙂 ..

Our bed with our baby's crib attached to it 🙂 Nice kan..:)

By the way..see our bedsheet?? nice kan..hehe..i loikeeee!!

Gracie's corner :)..along with her 'friends' ~ Mr Spongebob, Miss Merlion, Mr. Guntomou (the green horse) & Minie the bear 🙂

Another view of our room after the 'renovation'

So nice kan :)..trus my Baby Grace so happy coz she can gulik2 from her crib to our bed and naik lagi di katil dia hehe..

Gracie & her friends

And this is what she likes to do nowadays 🙂

" I want to stand..i want to stand..heee"

"Mommy, see...i can stand hehe..."

Haha!! tidak lama lagi pandai belari sudah dia ni..:)