Today, 27th November is my baby girl 9th month old birthday!!

I was so excited, she is a BIG girl oredy now..sumandak, i decided to give her a present..something useful and i know she likes it πŸ™‚

This is what I’ve bought for her :

I bought this for RM24 only (hard cover & quality paper)

Pictures & stories..

see..she LOVE it!!

Haha!! tidak sabar dia mo baca..(padahal tgk gambar saja)~ mommy tulung baca ~

By the way, i bought this special book at Logos Hope (Kapal laut besar yang jual banyak buku)..

adik beradik dia sama itu kapal Doulos dulu..

nanti after this sia kasi blog pasal Logos Hope pulak πŸ™‚