I mean, it’s a big DIY PLAYPEN!! πŸ™‚

I bought this playpen for my cute little girl from Michelle Valentina Yong ..Her husband made it πŸ™‚

Actually I’ve bought it August or September this year (lupa sudah) but only this early December we assemble it ..ya laa..Gracie’s now 9 months and 3 weeks old..laju betul dia mo monungkamang (crawling)..susah mo jaga coz skijap2 pi bawah meja, skijap2 sana bawah sofa..huhu..belum lagi tebiat dia yg mo bediri2 tu..

Since we have this cute playpen, senang sudah mo buat kerja..can leave her with her toys inside..while she’s busy with her bisness there,Β  i can do cooking, washing, FB-ing , and even watch my favorite movies as long as she didn’t cry :)….

The size?? Hmm.. 7×7 sq feet only.. πŸ™‚ Puas my Gracie begulik2 di dalam kekekeekke…Luas kan..

Here some pictures ..NICE ooo πŸ™‚

The playpen frame

Dinding Playpen ~SIAP!

Gracie don't want to get out from it..

Tadaa!! Grace and her colorful mat

WhenΒ  the playpen is done, I think there’s something that is not right..what ahh?? o ya..the mat..IfΒ  you notice kan..kecik saja kan tikar dia..so, we decided tu bring in..

A Big matress

Well, since now my baby start to stand and learn to walk, its good to have a matress inside the playpen..if she fall down, teda la benjol di sana sini kan..haha!!

She likes it!


Lalalallala! I can stand.. I'm going to walk and run soon πŸ™‚

Yay!! Tidak sudah penat mo kejar2 si Gracie…The most important thing is, she’ll always be safe inside the playpen.. πŸ™‚