Yup!! This time we went to Ranau for vacation and also looking for DURIANS!!

Coz we heard that durians in Ranau are very cheap compare to other places in KK area..and even in Tuaran and Tamparuli area also..and that is very TRUE!!..we went to Kg. Matan, and got RM3 per kg (durians)..we bought up to 18th kg ooo durians…uuuuuuiiiyooo so deliciouss!! Kenyang makan durian oo that time hehe 🙂

Yeahh!! Durians!!

Hubby with durians..

The picture above was taken by my BIL, Didie a.k.a. Sunsuyon Gitar’s

o ya, before we reached Ranau, we stopped at Nabalu Lodge in Kundasang for lunch…

Nabalu Lodge


And these are our lunch..

I was so captivated with the beauty of Poinsettias, also known as Christmas Flowers grown outside the restaurant..so nice!!

Poinsettia a.k.a. Christmas Flowers

After that we continue our journey to Ranau, direct to Lydia’s house at Kg. Matan to get the delicious durians haha!!

We also went to Poring Hot Spring for sight seeing and relaxing 🙂

So many visitors came that day, maybe because of holiday season, most people wanted to spend quality time with their loved ones 🙂

Sudah kena renovate jalan pi kolam air panas..

Durian memang susah dilepaskan haha!!

see..kolam air panas semua penuh...luckily kamirang sengaja tidak bawa spare clothes coz mmg tia rancang mo mandi manda 🙂

Gracie in action!!

We’re so very happy and enjoyed ourselves in this trip..walaupun singkat tapi siokk!! paling best laitu durian haha!! Tidak rugi kami pi jalan2..Thanks Hubby coz willing to take leave and spend precious time with our family 🙂

HOLIDAY is NOT A HOLIDAY if you’re not willing to spend your time with your LOVED ONES..

so..cari2 la bah masa untuk family.. 🙂

Our Happy Family 🙂