Yesterday, hubby went to Labuan with his friends..

Gracie and I did not join because we want to give him space to be with his friends, so that he can relax with them, have their ‘boys talking’ thing without being interrupted by ‘the wife’ πŸ™‚

ya la..takkann la mo berkepit ja 24 jam sama hubby kan..some time we (wives) should let the husband have their ‘boys time’ with their friends..same with us, sometimes we also need to hang out with our ladies friends without being bothered by the husband πŸ™‚

And..when he came home , he gave me these πŸ™‚

Uiiiyooo..punya sadap tu naa Old Jamaica Dark Chocolate..wangiii betul rum dia..nyum2x betull..hehe..

Yang lain2 belum lagi sia makan πŸ™‚ ..gumuk laini kali… biar laa..