I believe every mommy must have at least 1 baby diaper bag a.k.a “mama bag” to bring along everytime we’re going out with our little one…

As for me, i have 3 baby diaper bags 🙂 2 of them was given as presents after i gave birth my baby girl..And here i wanna share things that i bring along inside my baby diaper bag everytime we’re going out.. 🙂

First, must have DIAPER BAG la kan 🙂

Brand : Carter's

2. Cloth Diapers

Usually i bring 3 pieces CDs..disposable diaper is a big NO NO for me 🙂

3. Wet Bag

To store soiled Cloth Diapers

4. Baby extra clothes

A dress and a romper is enough..

5. Cloth wipes + Baby wipes

6. Baby carrier

I use ring sling to carry my baby..

7. Milk bottle + Milk powder in a milk powder dispenser

8.  Baby cereal + bowl

I put the ceral in the milk powder dispeser too so that i don't have to bring the whole can ..

9. Hot water in a flask and warm drinking water

10.  Double bottle holder

11.  Changing Mattress

Mmmm..that’s all i guess…

Itu belum termasuk lagi tu home made baby food a.k.a.  bubur si baby..kalau sia bawa yg tu, bertambah la lagi 1 jenis barang..haha!!