~ 27th February 2012 ~

Gracie’s Big Day!! The day she turned ONE!!

We celebrated her 1st year birthday with families and close friends in a happy and cheerful little party 🙂 ..

The most important thing here, we have special PRAYERS for our sweetie pie (sempena birthday dia)..

We did not choose to celebrate in a luxury place and waste our money just like that..(bagus lagi itu duit kasi simpan dlm akaun si baby :)..

Luckily we have enough space in our ‘HOME SWEET HOME’ to host a birthday party for her :)..Thank God for that 🙂

And here are some of the pics..

Birthday decorations..

Gracie’s Birthday Cake!! Top – Rainbow cheese cake (very yummy), Below – chocolate moist (very yummy2 too ..)

My precious Birthday Girl 🙂 muahh!!

The prayer, some of the guests & group photo with family & friends 🙂

Above : Mom & Dad helping Lil’ Gracie cutting her birthday cake 🙂
Below : That’s me & my sweet baby 🙂