Cloth diapers for baby, Cloth Pads for Mommy!!

Haha! So this time I’m gonna blog about my new passion :)..yaaa..after 5 months using CP (Cloth pads / cloth pantyliners) I am proud to announce that I’m now a 100% CP user :)..selamat tinggal kepada disposable pads..hehe..

Just wanna share my simple experience after using this CP..i felt more comfortable, clean and  more confident 🙂 …percaya lah.. memang bagus bertukar ke CP..more important is when we use CP we are 100% FREE from chemicals that can be found in disposable pads…wanna know what kind of chemical material can be found in disposable pads? Senang saja bah..just google’ll find it :)..

OK..enuf with that..these are my collection for now…


Here are some of my cloth pads..I bought some of them at online stores.. ada juga bah boleh beli secara offline..such as Deana Design cloth pads..yang dekat2 sini can contact her and buy direct from her 🙂

For those hot mama who wants to buy cloth pads / pantyliners via online, just click the images below 🙂





chedah are my full collection with a wetbag ( utk simpan CP yg dah guna)


and I’m planning to buy more CP next time 🙂