My princess,  Nicole Grace is going to be 22 months old by the end of this months..Time really flies so very fast! Now she’s a baby no more :)..Sumandak sudah my little angel :)..At this age , she now can talk her language (baby talk)..90% of her words can be understood by us 🙂 and she understood us as well 🙂 ..

We trained her to speak in our native language (Dusun language)..and we’re glad she’s a smart girl and can catch up easily…Of course  she’s not talking fully Dusun la..sometimes ada juga campur Sabahan Malay hihi..her ‘Gong- Gong’ speak Sabahan Malay with her bah..

Here I wanna share some of her cute-cute words that always melt my heart 🙂


Actually there are more words / sentences / baby talk from her..tapi kalau sia tulis semua nanti tidak pandai habis2 bah , maybe this time ini saja la i can share with you all :)..When we ‘re talking about our baby / children, there are so much to say..The story of our children is indeed a never-ending story, am i right? “)

Bah, that’s all for now..till i blog again 🙂

Regards from me & Lil’ Gracie 🙂