I know its been a very long time since my last post 🙂 So today, suddenly I have this feeling to write something in my blog..Just wanna share our excitement waiting for our second bundle of joy..

At this moment, I’m in my 30 weeks of my pregnancy. .only 2 months ++ to meet this little angel..Just like my previous pregnancy, I have a bad morning sickness in my 1st trimester..I can’t eat properly and just wanna throw up every time..huh..Until my weight drop from 45kg to 41kg..huhu..

But, luckily it’s only last to the 12th weeks..after that I started to eat like a monster haha!! And I’m so lucky that my body didn’t get fat easily. .still slim and look like I’m not pregnant if someone saw me from behind 🙂

I have done some preparation for this coming baby..I have bought the baby’s clothing and I  did the pre wash  yesterday..Thank God the weather was so nice yesterday. .. But still the preparations are not 100 percent done…still have to go hunting some stuff for mommy and the coming baby..

Here some pictures to share with you 🙂


My 20 weeks baby bump


I just adore these little stuff


Pre wash done!!


30th weeks

I’m gonna share some updates again in a short time..hopefully 🙂 By the way, I’m blogging via my Note 2..so convenient, right? 🙂