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My Successful VBAC Story #Part 1

It’s been 7 weeks after I delivered my 2nd daughter..and now I’m gonna share my birth story with you guys πŸ™‚ Takut nanti telupa hihi..This is the most beautiful moments in my lifeΒ  πŸ™‚


Before that, let’s see..


Year 2011 ~ I gave birth to our 1st princess via emergency C-SECT. And I’m grateful because the whole process were & mommy were fine..


Year 2012 ~ Planning to have 2nd baby by the end of this year. Tried to conceive in November but tidak jadi πŸ™‚ December oso tidak jadi haha..


Year 2013 ~ plan to conceive in march..tapi terawal sebulan..end of February I found outΒ  I’m 6th weeks preggie..we’re so happy that we’re going to have another addition in our family…


So..dipendekkan cerita..actually I have 2 EDD since I went to government clinic and also private clinic. KKIA punya edd is 24th October 2013 and private clinic punya edd is 25th October 2013..1 hari saja bah selang dia..this time I chose to deliver inΒ  KKSC (Kota Kinabalu Specialist Centre) with the GREAT Dr. Felice Huang πŸ™‚ She’s a great gynea and she herself advised me to go for a normal delivery this time. (Cuba dulu maa..dia bilang)..


And..dipendekkan lagi cerita…21st October (Monday), time mo bersiap2 pegi keja..I noticed there’s a blood stain on my panty. .tidak banyak la..sikit seja..sia mo attach gambar sini tapi..jangan lalah..hihi..trus I felt like..”wah..bagus ni..manatau ni malam or besok sia bersalin sudah” sia bilang daa..tapi tunggu punya tunggu tiada sakit pun..aik..apasal ni kali teda rasa sakit? So, I wait lagi..


The next day..I took a day off..cuti rehat , konon2 mau prepare2 mo beranak laini..saaampai la the next morning..tiada sakit punnnn..itu blood stain pun tiada keluar dalam 1 hari ni..hmm..tidak paa…so, on 23rd October, wednesday, I decided to go to work as usual and pi ambil borang CRK apply crk for next week if I still don’t give birth by this sunday..and macam yg monday punya kes..awal pagi ada bleeding lagi..but this time blood mixed with mucus plug discharge from miss V..still tiada sakit ahh..langsung teda rasa nih..ishhh..


Trus sampai di sekolah, cerita2 sharing sama kawan2..semua pun like “hah! Kanapa lagi ko pigi sekolah ni..pi la ko hospital..nanti teberanak ko sini skolah” haha! Tapi apa macam sia mo sepital kalau teda sakit..I’m totally sure belum lagi sampai masanya..but since everybody pun kasi nasihat pigi check la, pigi check lagi mucus and blood macam makin kerap keluar..then I decided to go to KKSC to have a check..manatau tetiba 7cm suda buka hoho..I still remember one of my colleague said, “dia ni (me) bleeding2 pun masih lagi jalan2 sini sekolah..capat la ko pi hospital..” Haha!! diorang pulak yg panik..


Then, sampai di KKSC, sia terus pi sana wad. I told the nurse sana got blood since monday. Diorang kasi masuk la sia sana examination room, put CTG on my belly for 20 minutes sambil2 sia tengok TV dlm tu bilik. Then, they came back to check the CTG’s report, baby’s heart beat is ok, so they did VE to check bukaan pintu rahim. Tapi tu nurse bilang, “ooo masih jauh lagi ni..ko pulang la dulu..kalau ada rasa sakit, cepat2 ko datang sini”….Trus sia pun, “naaa kannn..apa sia bilangggg..belum lagi bah” (tapi dalam hati ja lah).

Photo Collage Maker_5

That’s me waiting for the CTG’s report..sambil2 tengok TV


Lepas tu sia pun pulang & buat cam biasa la..Mandi, makan, masak, tengok TV macam biasa mild contraction, but just Brixton Hicks maybe sbb tidak juga sakit sangat..biasa2 seja..ntah la, sia pun lupa2 sudah macamana yg 1st time sia duuluu tu..sampai la tengah malamm, tiba2sia tebangun…jeng-jeng-jeng..





Holiday Trip : Ranau

Yup!! This time we went to Ranau for vacation and also looking for DURIANS!!

Coz we heard that durians in Ranau are very cheap compare to other places in KK area..and even in Tuaran and Tamparuli area also..and that is very TRUE!!..we went to Kg. Matan, and got RM3 per kg (durians)..we bought up to 18th kg ooo durians…uuuuuuiiiyooo so deliciouss!! Kenyang makan durian oo that time hehe πŸ™‚

Yeahh!! Durians!!

Hubby with durians..

The picture above was taken by my BIL, Didie a.k.a. Sunsuyon Gitar’s

o ya, before we reached Ranau, we stopped at Nabalu Lodge in Kundasang for lunch…

Nabalu Lodge


And these are our lunch..

I was so captivated with the beauty of Poinsettias, also known as Christmas Flowers grown outside the nice!!

Poinsettia a.k.a. Christmas Flowers

After that we continue our journey to Ranau, direct to Lydia’s house at Kg. Matan to get the delicious durians haha!!

We also went to Poring Hot Spring for sight seeing and relaxing πŸ™‚

So many visitors came that day, maybe because of holiday season, most people wanted to spend quality time with their loved ones πŸ™‚

Sudah kena renovate jalan pi kolam air panas..

Durian memang susah dilepaskan haha!!

see..kolam air panas semua penuh...luckily kamirang sengaja tidak bawa spare clothes coz mmg tia rancang mo mandi manda πŸ™‚

Gracie in action!!

We’re so very happy and enjoyed ourselves in this trip..walaupun singkat tapi siokk!! paling best laitu durian haha!! Tidak rugi kami pi jalan2..Thanks Hubby coz willing to take leave and spend precious time with our family πŸ™‚

HOLIDAY is NOT A HOLIDAY if you’re not willing to spend your time with your LOVED ONES..

so..cari2 la bah masa untuk family.. πŸ™‚

Our Happy Family πŸ™‚

A Gift From Hubby

Β When hubby came home from work today, he gave me a small box…
I wonder what is inside the box???..
When I opened the box, I saw something cute and adorable inside it..
Guess what??
It’s a PEARL inside a pendant..
and it came with a necklace too.. πŸ™‚
WOW!! I’m so’s a token of LOVE from hubby to his WIFE (saya laitu…hehehe)..
Thanks Darling..Love u muchhhhhh!!!
Actually this pearl was inside a clam and sealed in a can..and then we cut to open the clam and take out the pearl..after that put the pearl inside the pendant and it’s ready to wear with the necklace πŸ™‚
Forming naturally, the Love Pearl is pure and premiere..It makes three or five years in the mother mussel, till its diameter reaches 6.5 – 7.5 mm..Among hundreds of mussel, only one can meet the severe standards of size, roundness, luster.Β 
Masih dalam itu kerang, kena korek baru letak dalam pendant..:)
Cantik kann..


Actually, the pearl have 5 colours…you ‘ll never know what colour your pearl is until you take it out from the clamp )..Each colour has their own meaning..
If the Pearl’s colour is
1.) WHITE, it indicates healthy bodies they will have
2.) CREAM, shows the union of the couple, and the happy life they will have
3.) PEACH, forecasts a romantic love they will get
4.) LAVENDER, means more wisdom they will have
5.) GOLD, represents a large fortune they can haveΒ 
And mine is CREAM πŸ™‚
Love, Nancy at 9/22/2011 08:50:00 PM

Family Dinner

Soon after Baby Grace baptism ceremony, we decided to go for a family dinner..
So, we went to Oriental Seafood restaurant located near Rasa Ria Resort..(same way to Taman Buaya)..
The food was delicious and the price oso reasonable..
We loved it!!


Gracie with Aunty Chelven..


Koko Ethan wants to sayang2 Mei Mei G..
Kangkung goreng belacAn..wuuuhooo..sadap oo..


Ayam masakkk…aiyaa..lupa la nama ni masakan..yg penting sedap..


Ikan kerapu stim..




Daging payau black paper..


Dan ada satu dish lagi sa lupa ambil gambar…
Sup yang sedap..(Sia lupa ba nama tu sup coz my brother yg oder..lupa tanya..)
inilah jadinya…
The soup lambat sampai jadi gambar dia tidak terikut di sini..
Minuman: 3 glasses of hot lemon tea, 1 glass of chinese tea ping,
1 bottle TIGER BEER
1 bottle STOUT [big]

AND altogether, i only pay RM178 for 7 dishes plus 7 plates of rice included the drinks..Reasonable price juga kan..
Apa lagi..pigi la try..
Love, Nancy at 6/28/2011 05:03:00 PM