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My Successful VBAC Story #Part 1

It’s been 7 weeks after I delivered my 2nd daughter..and now I’m gonna share my birth story with you guys πŸ™‚ Takut nanti telupa hihi..This is the most beautiful moments in my lifeΒ  πŸ™‚


Before that, let’s see..


Year 2011 ~ I gave birth to our 1st princess via emergency C-SECT. And I’m grateful because the whole process were & mommy were fine..


Year 2012 ~ Planning to have 2nd baby by the end of this year. Tried to conceive in November but tidak jadi πŸ™‚ December oso tidak jadi haha..


Year 2013 ~ plan to conceive in march..tapi terawal sebulan..end of February I found outΒ  I’m 6th weeks preggie..we’re so happy that we’re going to have another addition in our family…


So..dipendekkan cerita..actually I have 2 EDD since I went to government clinic and also private clinic. KKIA punya edd is 24th October 2013 and private clinic punya edd is 25th October 2013..1 hari saja bah selang dia..this time I chose to deliver inΒ  KKSC (Kota Kinabalu Specialist Centre) with the GREAT Dr. Felice Huang πŸ™‚ She’s a great gynea and she herself advised me to go for a normal delivery this time. (Cuba dulu maa..dia bilang)..


And..dipendekkan lagi cerita…21st October (Monday), time mo bersiap2 pegi keja..I noticed there’s a blood stain on my panty. .tidak banyak la..sikit seja..sia mo attach gambar sini tapi..jangan lalah..hihi..trus I felt like..”wah..bagus ni..manatau ni malam or besok sia bersalin sudah” sia bilang daa..tapi tunggu punya tunggu tiada sakit pun..aik..apasal ni kali teda rasa sakit? So, I wait lagi..


The next day..I took a day off..cuti rehat , konon2 mau prepare2 mo beranak laini..saaampai la the next morning..tiada sakit punnnn..itu blood stain pun tiada keluar dalam 1 hari ni..hmm..tidak paa…so, on 23rd October, wednesday, I decided to go to work as usual and pi ambil borang CRK apply crk for next week if I still don’t give birth by this sunday..and macam yg monday punya kes..awal pagi ada bleeding lagi..but this time blood mixed with mucus plug discharge from miss V..still tiada sakit ahh..langsung teda rasa nih..ishhh..


Trus sampai di sekolah, cerita2 sharing sama kawan2..semua pun like “hah! Kanapa lagi ko pigi sekolah ni..pi la ko hospital..nanti teberanak ko sini skolah” haha! Tapi apa macam sia mo sepital kalau teda sakit..I’m totally sure belum lagi sampai masanya..but since everybody pun kasi nasihat pigi check la, pigi check lagi mucus and blood macam makin kerap keluar..then I decided to go to KKSC to have a check..manatau tetiba 7cm suda buka hoho..I still remember one of my colleague said, “dia ni (me) bleeding2 pun masih lagi jalan2 sini sekolah..capat la ko pi hospital..” Haha!! diorang pulak yg panik..


Then, sampai di KKSC, sia terus pi sana wad. I told the nurse sana got blood since monday. Diorang kasi masuk la sia sana examination room, put CTG on my belly for 20 minutes sambil2 sia tengok TV dlm tu bilik. Then, they came back to check the CTG’s report, baby’s heart beat is ok, so they did VE to check bukaan pintu rahim. Tapi tu nurse bilang, “ooo masih jauh lagi ni..ko pulang la dulu..kalau ada rasa sakit, cepat2 ko datang sini”….Trus sia pun, “naaa kannn..apa sia bilangggg..belum lagi bah” (tapi dalam hati ja lah).

Photo Collage Maker_5

That’s me waiting for the CTG’s report..sambil2 tengok TV


Lepas tu sia pun pulang & buat cam biasa la..Mandi, makan, masak, tengok TV macam biasa mild contraction, but just Brixton Hicks maybe sbb tidak juga sakit sangat..biasa2 seja..ntah la, sia pun lupa2 sudah macamana yg 1st time sia duuluu tu..sampai la tengah malamm, tiba2sia tebangun…jeng-jeng-jeng..





Rosary, Daddy’s Birthday, Kaamatan & Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary!!

It’s 4 in 1 celebration actually πŸ™‚

Rosary Prayer (because it’s still in the month of Rosary),Β  My daddy’s birthday ~ 30th May, Kaamatan a.k.a Harvest Festival ~ 30th & 31st May, and also our 2nd Wedding Anniversary ~ 1st June πŸ™‚

And weΒ  chose 30th May to celebrate all these happiness πŸ™‚

Sadly, my mom isn’t here to celebrate with us because she’s still in Johor with my brother and his family πŸ™‚

This is our original wedding anniversary cake, made by Olivia A. Benjamin ..It’s really yummy!!

But, since were celebrating 4 in 1 celebration, we decided to add some wordings..

My New ‘Toy’

This time i’m going to write about my new ‘TOY” πŸ™‚

But, before that, i wanna share something first..i got this old style lappy 4 year ago..At that time this lappy is the newest in town haha!! But now, zaman jipun punya sudah..hehe..

Acer tahun 2008 (old fashion sudah hehe)

But, this old lappy has served me a lot from 2008 to this day..with this old lappy also i’ve completed my study in Master of Education, and i’ve done so many school work, personal work, FB-ing, Gaming and so many things…Pendek kata laptop sia yang ini sudah sangat banyak berjasa kepada saya πŸ™‚


And now, the old laptop is getting slower and less efficient..moreover, the screen also always turn white and i have to let it rest in ‘standby’ mode before i ‘wake’ it up to get the normal view again..ya la laptop tua rusak2 suda..kalau teguyang sikit tu skrin pun pasti 100% jadi putih balik tu skrin hehe.. still can use bah this laptop but i’m thinking to buy a new one sudah..yang ni i can give to Gracie!! hehe..


smart kan…:)

I got myself a new lappy! πŸ™‚

Β Ultra smart! Ultra slim! Ultra desirable! πŸ™‚ hehe..


Aspire S3 Ultrabook i7

Ultra slim! Ultra Light!!


* 2nd Generation Intel Core i7-2637M Processor (4MB L3 Cache, 1.70 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.8 GHz, 17 W TDP)

* Genuine windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)

* Mobile Intel UM67 Express Chipset

* 256 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) / 4 GB DDR3 RAM

* 13.3″ HD, Acer CineCrystal LED

* Intel HD Graphics 3000, Supporting Microsoft DirectX 10.1

* Acer 3D Sonic Stereo Speakers

* Acer Crystal Eye HD Webcame

* 1.33 kg

Wowww!! sioknya begaya2 dengan lappy baru hehehe..sementara masih baru ni, sia begaya2 dulu laa..nanti bisuk2 keluar yang lebih baru & canggih, then manada can mo begaya2 lagi kakakkak!!


The Silence January..

It’s been a long time since my last post..(1 tahun sudah..hehe..last post ialah tahun lepas hehe.. πŸ™‚ )

Early month of this year has been a busy month for me..

So, i didn’t have time to update my blog πŸ™‚

But, for your information, i did jot down some of my activities in January πŸ™‚

1.) 01.01.2012 ~ begin my new year by attending New Year Mass.. may this year bring more blessings to our family..

2.) 04.01.2012 ~ School Opening,,,yupp, i must say goodbye to my precious and happy’s time to work bebeh..

3.) 07.01.2012 ~ Epiphany Of The Lord…attended sunday mass

Epiphany of The Lord

4) 09.01.2012 ~ Attend Fr. Nick anniversary thanksgiving at Terawi, Penampang

5.) 21-29.01.2012 ~ School break: 1 week (Chinese New Year public holiday)

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

And today, my precious school holiday almost come to an monday have to come to school oredy..But never mind la coz i really have a GREAT time during this holiday


Chocolates for Me!!

Yesterday, hubby went to Labuan with his friends..

Gracie and I did not join because we want to give him space to be with his friends, so that he can relax with them, have their ‘boys talking’ thing without being interrupted by ‘the wife’ πŸ™‚

ya la..takkann la mo berkepit ja 24 jam sama hubby kan..some time we (wives) should let the husband have their ‘boys time’ with their friends..same with us, sometimes we also need to hang out with our ladies friends without being bothered by the husband πŸ™‚

And..when he came home , he gave me these πŸ™‚

Uiiiyooo..punya sadap tu naa Old Jamaica Dark Chocolate..wangiii betul rum dia..nyum2x betull..hehe..

Yang lain2 belum lagi sia makan πŸ™‚ ..gumuk laini kali… biar laa..


A Day To Remember ~ Christmas Carol At Home ~

~9th December 2011~


It’sΒ  the third week of Advent..meaning, Christmas is around the corner..

A visit from youth of St. Philip :

Room Renovation

A few days ago my SIL tagged me a link from Peaceful Parenting Blog,Β  about turning your bed (baby’s crib / baby cot) into a Co-sleeper..

This link gave me a very useful information since my baby’s cribΒ  oso almost the same with the baby cribsΒ  in that blog..So, my hubby and I decided to make a little ‘renovation’ in our bedroom.. we wanna make / turn our baby’s crib to a Co-sleeper just likeΒ  Dr. Momma suggest in her blog πŸ™‚

So here come the result πŸ™‚

We’re very grateful that we are now have more space in our room.. πŸ™‚

I’m lovin’ it ^_^

Our bed before the 'renovation' :)..see, not so syok mata memandang πŸ™‚ ..

Our bed with our baby's crib attached to it πŸ™‚ Nice kan..:)

By the way..see our bedsheet?? nice kan..hehe..i loikeeee!!

Gracie's corner :)..along with her 'friends' ~ Mr Spongebob, Miss Merlion, Mr. Guntomou (the green horse) & Minie the bear πŸ™‚

Another view of our room after the 'renovation'

So nice kan :)..trus my Baby Grace so happy coz she can gulik2 from her crib to our bed and naik lagi di katil dia hehe..

Gracie & her friends

And this is what she likes to do nowadays πŸ™‚

" I want to stand..i want to stand..heee"

"Mommy, see...i can stand hehe..."

Haha!! tidak lama lagi pandai belari sudah dia ni..:)